About: The Ministry of Divine Mercy
During a retreat at St. Maximillian Kolbe Catholic Church in Houston, Texas, in 2007, I felt called by the Holy Spirit to devote my life to share the message of Jesus’ Divine Mercy.  In 2008, the death of my beloved father, a Legion of Mary leader, affected me profoundly.  His death prompted me to greater determination and  I began placing my first of more than one hundred 4’ x 8’ Divine Mercy Images with his message, “Jesus I trust in you!” throughout Texas and Louisiana. (Divine Mercy tab) Your generous support will help me continue to spread this message of Divine Mercy.
In 2008 a fellow parishioner informed me that the largest abortion mill in the country was preparing to open on the Gulf Freeway. She invited me to come to Planned Parenthood to pray and insisted I place a Divine Mercy sign there for patrons to view. With only faith and a couple of friends to accompany me, I met with the billboard company and requested a sign. My prayer business card was all I had to secure the contract since no funds had been raised. A three month lease was granted and I managed to secure donations to cover the cost of displaying a billboard that encouraged abortion minded parents to “Take my hand, not my life.” Begging donations has continuously kept this billboard before the eyes of those who come to Planned Parenthood for an abortion since that time. (Prolife Billboards tab) Your generous donation will help me keep this billboard there.
In 2013, during a pilgrimage to Poland, I met with Stanislaw Cardinal Dziwisz, personal secretary of Pope St. John Paul II, from whom I received a relic of the saint. Pope St. John Paul II canonized St. Faustina and promoted the devotion of the Divine Mercy Message given to her by Jesus. I was informed his relic must be housed in a chapel and again felt inspired to expand the Divine Mercy Ministries to build a chapel. A house of prayer chapel was built at the Shrine of the Two Hearts in Huntsville, Texas.
This chapel was first conceived as a result of my 2011, visit to Mother Angelica’s monastery in Irondale, Alabama. It was there that I learned of her devotion to the child, Jesus, “Divino Nino” instructing her to build a chapel in his honor. I thought if the Divino Nino could help her build a chapel, I would ask Him to help me too. I kept my promise and finished the chapel in 2014 on the grounds of the Shrine of the Two Hearts in Huntsville, Texas. (Divine Mercy House of Prayer Chapel tab) A smaller chapel to honor Divino Nino, for the protection of babies in danger of abortion, was completed later in 2014 at the same site.
In 2014 I found myself at the canonization of Pope St. John Paul II on the Divine Mercy feast day. A series of unforeseen events led me to be present with the priests in a prominent place during the canonization Mass in front of a million pilgrims. My hope had been to visit with Pope Benedict and Pope Francis. I had an amazing experience of God’s true purpose for my visit.
In 2015, a cargo van was donated to help me take the signs and materials to the various sites where they will be erected.  This has become a mobile evangelization unit since it has been wrapped with the Divine Mercy image and message and has the Prolife Billboard information as well.

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